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Texas Well and Production Data

The oil and gas records maintained by the Railroad Commission of Texas include hundreds of pieces of information for over one million wells. Hudson Puget maintains an up-to-date, efficient replica of that data and provides it to our customers to aid their decision-making.

Our focus is:

  • Data Quality and Accuracy
  • Dependability
  • Ease of Integration

Hudson Puget maintains a complete Texas lease dataset and offers monthly updates for a county, district or all of Texas.


Hudson Puget maintains a Texas well dataset encompassing several hundred fields. This includes the permit history, many properties of the wells and complete test records.

Well Production Allocation

Hudson Puget applies a proprietary algorithm to allocate lease-level production to individual wells.

Geospatial, Parcel Boundaries

We are expert in geospatial technology and databases and work with partners on their mapping projects. We also have a statewide parcel dataset.


The Hudson Puget team's greatest skill is analyzing large datasets. If you take an analytical approach to finding the best wells, come talk to us.


We operate on AWS. If accessing a read-replica or an S3 sync is your language, we'll be happy to work with you.

Brendan Farrell, PhD


Hudson Puget was founded in 2017 by Brendan Farrell. His goal is for Hudson Puget to provide data in a manner that allows energy companies to make the most productive decisions.

He works with customers and partners to understand their needs and enjoys getting his hands dirty in a big project. He has a PhD in applied mathematics and has built several large scale data products. These include HowLoud, Inc, which offers the worlds largest environmental noise map, and National Flood Data, a provider or FEMA flood zone mapping.