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Texas Well and Production Data

The oil and gas records maintained by the Railroad Commission of Texas include hundreds of pieces of information for over one million wells, yet are not available in any efficient formats. Hudson Puget maintains data collected by the Railroad Commission. We clean and organize the data so that it can be used as easily and efficiently as possible to provide value to our partners.

We focus on:

  • Data Quality and Accuracy
  • Dependability
  • Ease of Integration

Permit Dashboard is an easy-to-use dashboard that allows users to quickly get the up-to-date permit data they need. Users can search or filter using many fields, such as county, lease name, API number, operator, etc. They can view data within the dashboard or easily export to csv or Excel. Hudson Puget offers a free 60 day trial to new users.

We maintain a complete Texas well dataset encompassing several hundred well features. This includes the permit history, well tests, production, wellbore, perforations, casings and many others. The data is all maintained in a cleaned, normalized form. We either provide customers direct database access or export a subset according to their criteria.

Many RRC files are only available in EBCDIC, an encoding system from the 1980s that is not compatible with most contemporary tools. We use proprietary conversion tools to convert these files to comma separated (.csv) files with column headers.

Monthly files of all permits recieved or processed by the RRC. Files are available in normalized csv or excel format.

The RRC only makes the gas (G-10s) and oil (W-10s) well tests available in EBCDIC format without any normalization. Hudson Puget offers these files in clean, normalized csv or excel format.


We always work directly with the data provided by the Railroad Commission of Texas and maintain the data for the entire state.

  • All 254 Texas Counties
  • Permit History
  • Production History from 1993
  • Operator Data and Contact Info
  • Oil and Gas Masters
  • Wellbore
  • Formation
  • Wellbore Elevation
  • Mapping
  • R-3 Gas Plant Records

Contact us at (360)-453-7608 or brendan@hudsonpuget.com

Brendan Farrell, PhD


Founded in 2017 by Brendan Farrell, Hudson Puget LLC helps solve data challenges for the American energy industry and facilitates more efficient business and technical analysis.

Brendan has a PhD in applied mathematics from UC Davis and taught at CalTech. He has built several large scale data products,including HowLoud, Inc, which offers the world's largest environmental noise map, and National Flood Data, a provider of FEMA flood zone mapping.